domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

cuando llevaba listas

Amigos Invisibles; The Beatles; The Strokes; Radiohead; The Jesus and Mary Chain; The Like; The Doors; Sex Pistols; The Clash; The Dandy Warhols; Imogen Heap; The Postal Service; Death Cab For Cutie; Desorden Publico; Buena Vista Social Club; Aterciopelados; Emilie Simon; Placebo; Rooney; Lenny Kravitz; The Killers; Gotan Project; Bajofondo Tango Club; The Cure; Fito Páez; Sabina; Cerati; Soda Stereo

Lost in Translation; The Virging Suicides; Marie Antoinette; Abre Los Ojos; Tesis; The Others; Thumbsucker; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; I Heart Huckabees; 21 Gramos; Babel; Amores Perros; Chocolat; La finestra di fronte; Volver; Les Choristes; Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Amelie; Secretary; Matchpoint; 101 Reykjavik; Walk on Water; The Secret Life of Words; Cidade de Deus; Fight Club; Trainspotting; Reservoir Dogs; Good Bye, Lenin!; Big Fish; Hable Con Ella; La mala educacion; Kill Bill; Psycho; Four Rooms; Forrest Gump; Pulp Fiction; Mean Girls; Edward Scissorhands; Mermaids

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